Hugo Dictation features:

  • Olympus integration

  • Clear Dictation Controls
  • Straight forward E-mail functionality
  • Free version available
  • Allocate Worktypes
  • Set a Priority level
  • View Dictation Lists and status
  • Simple to use one touch recorder

Hugo Dictation offers customers the flexibility of being able to complete dictation on the move and send the files for transcription from any location. Leave your Dictaphone at the office, Hugo Dictation allows the files to be sent to a number of transcription systems this list will be growing as we complete integrations with them. Hugo Dictation will allow you to send dictations directly from your iPhone or iPad to your transcriptionist with no need for any cables or PC's. Hugo Dictation offers excellent sound quality and ease of use to get your dictation from any location to your transcriptionist quickly and simply.

The Olympus integration allows you to seamlessly forward your dictation to your Olympus software on your secretaries PC along with your User ID, worktype, priority setting along with any comments.

Our current approved list of transcription systems :-

  • Start Stop
  • Express Scribe Transcription Software
  • Olympus
  • Quickscribe